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Our Refresher classes are designed to be flexible and fit in with the differing circumstances of having more than one child. there are two different courses .



Consists of either One or Two women’s only, or couples CORE classes   and Two optional classes



  • Explores your previous experience of labour and birth and uses it to help empower you for the birth of your little one.
  • Helps to refresh your knowledge of the options available for the place of birth, the birth process, the emotional and physical aspects of labour and coping strategies you can put in place. This class covers both the natural and the pharmaceutical methods of pain management.


  • Explores the feelings and emotions of members of the family when a new baby is introduced and helps you to develop coping strategies to make the transition as smooth as it can be.
  •  Explores the coping strategies of making life easier with another child.



  • WOMENS ONLY CLASS this includes looking at feeding

 2. REFRESHER PLUS COURSE ( Individually Priced)

Designed for couples who may have a long age gap between children or where there are children in the family but this is one first child together .   Dates and prices for this course can be obtained by contacting Julie direct on 07884 428567

This course combines the above standard Refresher course with the full Antenatal course and is designed around individual needs. This gives you the benefit of meeting other second time mums as well as some first time mums and helps you to get all the information you need to empower you on the journey of parenthood this time around

I have designed my refresher course to be flexible to fit with the differing circumstances of having more than one child.

If you already have a toddler or older child the standard refresher should more than meet your needs

If you have a large age gap between your children or if you are expecting a child with a new partner who has not had a child before then the Refresher Plus might be the way forward

Do not hesitate to get in touch to  discuss the best option for you


May June and July 2021 Babies 

21st of April 7.00-9.30pm

28th of April 2021 7-9.30pm

5th of May 2021